The Gloucester County Hero Scholarship Fund, Inc. provides annual scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are residents of Gloucester County. Applications are available by the middle of February of each year in the Guidance Department of every Gloucester County High School.

Applications for 2023 Scholarships are now being accepted. Please click the button to be directed to download the application.

Previous Years Awardees



2021 Kaylee Bailey, Savannah Forand, Terry Shaw, Sabrina Sims

2020 Dominic Barone, Kylie Brown, Jason Bilderback, Hannah Patrigani, Kyle Rey

2019 Payton Clements, Ryan Fanelli, Gianna Fanfarillo, Hailey Ferry, George Gerber

2018 Angelo Gurcsik, Brandon Hickson, Devon Matthews, Brandon Nailor

2017 Jordyn Wigglesworth, Samual Giordano, Krysten Pyper, Camyrn Tirado, Emory Reahm

2016 Scott Borton, Ashley Rey, Kayla Covolesky, Tyler Dolgos, Taytem Clements


2014 Madison Dowd, Alexander Challet, Danielle Morris

2013 Laura Lee, Francis McLaughlin, Rebecca Pierpont, Kelli Whyte

2012 Katelyn Fox, Christina Malinoski, Molly McGuire, Zachary Smolsky

2011 Rachel Crescitelli, Amber Howarth, Tyler Marchei, Marissa Pennypacker

2010 Daniel Armstrong, Stephanie Kensil, Kimberly Manning, Donald Pierpont

2009 Veronica Kelly, Michelle Carter

2008 Michael Bain, Christopher Brooks, Renee Steranko, Samantha Whyte

2007 Gillian Armstrong, Courtney Camarota, Michael Jacovelli, Deja Johnson

2006 Clinton Carter, Robert Falconiero, Chelsea Mehaffey, Molly Saville